Kurtis Blow

As one of the founding fathers of Hip-Hop, Kurtis Blow has been lighting up stages since 1979. Kurtis was just 20 years old when he signed Rap's first record deal, igniting a movement that now dominates popular culture.



He's rocked the mic on every continent. Starred in movies and produced albums. Discovered and inspired some of the greatest minds in Hip-Hop. He found God, earning a second degree in Theology.

He's a living legend with a story to tell.


"I'm not runnin' for congress or the President...

I'm just here to tell the world how my story went"


A mix of artful intelligence and measured risk bought Kurtis to the limelight, and he's now sharing tools of the trade.

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#Dance #creativewriting #publicspeking #marketing





Animated storytelling

Kurtis shares the insights he picked up on his way to becoming Rap's first superstar. Understand how to bring ideas into the world through the lens of a living legend.


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Prince Charles Alexander

Berklee College of Music // Professor of Music Production & Engineering


“Kurtis Blow’s visit to Berklee College of Music was a great moment for music studies. His dedication to music curriculum through a hip-hop lens, coupled with his authenticity as one of the founders of the genre, make him a necessary part of conversations at academic institutions, domestically and internationally, that seek to integrate hip-hop pedagogy. We are looking forward to a continued and fruitful relationship with Kurtis Blow.”



Eyvind Kang

California Institute of the Arts // Coordinator & Composer of Musical Arts & Experimental Pop


"Kurtis Blow seemed to walk on air. He was so open, so generous, and at the same time so secure in his knowledge, that he managed to effortlessly initiate a whole roomful of students into the sometimes delicate subject of Hip Hop history and its Elements. His standpoint was authentic, to say the least. In the words of a fellow faculty member: he was “the best prepared lecturer I have ever heard.”


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