"I'm not runnin' for Congress or the President...

I'm just here to tell the world how my story went."





Innovator & originator

As one of the founding fathers of Hip-Hop, Kurtis Blow has been lighting up stages since 1979. Kurtis was just 20 years old when he signed Rap's first record deal, igniting a movement that now dominates popular culture.

First Rapper to sign to a Major label

First Gold Record for Rap (“The Breaks”)

First Rapper to tour US & Europe (w/ The Commodores, 1980)

First Rapper to record a national commercial (Sprite)

First Rapper to use the drum machine, sample & sample loop

First Rap music video (“Basketball”)

First Rap producer (Rap's producer of the year in 1983‑85)

First Rapper featured in a soap opera (“One Life to Live”)

First rap millionaire

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